Free hosting platforms for python web app

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I have made a useful little app for database extraction that I want to share with my colleagues. Most of them do not have python on their machines so it would be nice to deploy my script to a web app that they can use it as needed.

Heroku no longer has a free plan, so I was wondering which free option is the recommended hosting platform for my use case. Eventually, when I have more apps and utilities developed, I will probably migrate to Dash Enterprise. . . but for now, I need something basic and easy and free (in that order).

Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @Ash010110,

I’m assuming that you would want this to be internal, if so, hosting on an external site is not really the best idea.

All your colleagues can see what your site is and does, if you use host=‘’. This will expose your local site to the internal network, allowing your colleagues to view it at your ip address.

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Hello @Ash010110 .

Since Heroku has no longer a free tier Plotly team recommended There is this video available: Deploy your Python Data App to the Web for Free - Dash - YouTube

I deployed my personal web page using this tutorial and it worked perfectly :slight_smile: Personally I am satisfied with the service provides, I even linked it to my own url and it is also easy and free.

Hello jinnyzor, thanks for your post!

Actually I DO want to make this a public because I am a consultant, and my app would be useful for many of my different clients who are in different co panies.

I will try Render,com as martin2097 suggested.

Thank you all again!

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If you plan on a bunch of people using it, render can be slow.

As a consultant, I know its good to put your best foot forward, so you could always increase your rate on render to make sure you get the performance you are wanting. :slight_smile:

That is a good point. . . When I get it working, then I will consider the app speed.

Another issue I encountered. . . when I try to deploy to render I get this error ::

The Poetry configuration is invalid - Additional properties are not allowed (‘group’ was unexpected)

I use poetry for dependency management and have a pyproject.toml file instead of a requirements.txt. . . has anyone else had this issue?