Heroku Replacement for Deploying Dash App to the Web - Render

Hi Community Members,
As most of you have heard by now, Heroku will be ending its free tier service on November 28. After conducting research for viable no-cost replacements, we have decided to recommend Render as a platform for deploying Dash apps to the web.

Here’s a quick video on how to deploy a Dash app, using Render.

Plotly deploy Dash app with render

Thank you @POBonin for putting this video together and supporting the community in sharing their apps.

Kind regards,
Plotly Community Team


@adamschroeder: Hi Adam, thank for sharing tutorial. I have a question that did you try to deploy same app to both heroku and render and then compare their operations? Because I deployed same app and it worked well on heroku but render is quite slow and it did not return all graphs. Thank you.

hi @hoatran
I didn’t try to compare the same app yet. But I’ve uploaded a few apps using render, and I didn’t encounter a problem with missing graphs or half-loading apps. That said, heroku’s free tier seems slightly faster than render

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I’ve been using docker which makes it kinda easy if i want to deploy it in different servers, internally, linode, or azure. just needs a bit of apache finagling though

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Have you experimented around at all with pythonanywhere? Debating how I should deploy a small hobby app and saw that pythonanywhere also has free hosting.

Hi @dash-beginner

I use pythonanywhere, and I find it easy to use and the free tier much, much faster than Render (or the Heroku free tier, when there was such a thing).

However, the free tier comes with limited disc space, and unless you are running very basic apps, it’s necessary to move to one of the paid tiers. The $5/mon account comes with a lot of extra features.