Deploying servers for 3D graph and data annalisys

Hi, I’m new to Dash with python and I’ve designed an app for data visualization.

Currently, the app is still growing in size. It includes several pages where I can visualize a 3D graph and other plots. I’ve implemented callbacks to manipulate ranges of data and other values.

Now, I’m interested in deploying the app to a server so I can use it on different devices and locations without needing to have Python installed.

I’ve tried some of the free hosting sites*, but the callback times are significantly slower, often by a factor of ten or even twenty. This makes it difficult to use the app in that manner. I haven’t subscribed to a paid site yet because I’m unsure how it would affect latency times. Do you have any recommendations for sites and deployment methods that would meet these needs and aren’t too difficult to set up? Like I mentioned, I’m new to this topic.

hi @ulibussi

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That is a challenging topic. It’s true that Dash app are slower on most free tiers, probably due to the limitations imposed by the hosting service.

There are 3 main hosting services that I’ve heard of and used in the past:

  • Heroku
  • Render
  • Pythonanywhere

They should all allow for a faster experience once you pay those $5-$10 per month. From my experience, pythonanywhere is the fastest.

Hopefully, other community members can share their experience with these and other hosting servers. @snehilvj, do I recall correctly that you used a different service for DMC?

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Then the solution is to try payed services, starting from Pythonanywhere. Thank you!


You can deploy your app on digital ocean, they have a service “app” that is quite easy to use (actually it uses Heroku but it seems cheaper?)

The good thing with it, you can scale up or down the ressource while it is running so you can start with a $5/ month and if you need a better server, you just upgrade it.

When you register, they give you some free credits to use during the first 2 month, so you can play with different setup or play with other service (because you will not go through the free credits with just one app!)


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