If you run Dash for free does that mean that your data is public?

If you run Dash for free does that mean that your data is public?

It does not. Dash does not run on plot.ly servers, it runs on your own laptop and it works in offline environments. No data is sent to plot.ly. See Limitations of dash community vs. on-premise for some more details as well

Thank you. So if I build a Dash app with plotly graph and I have a plotly Personal account, can I then output my Dash app to a url address simply with my Plotly Personal account and Dash community version? Or do I need a more expensive account?

You don’t need any plotly account to use Dash. I’d recommend just getting started with Dash and see for yourself: https://plot.ly/dash/getting-started. You only need a Plotly account if you want to use the web based products like Dashboards, Chart Studio, or hosting graphs in your online account from the plot.py library.

For my very first project I’m programming a raspberry pi with some sensors to log the data and I want to visualize it using Dash. So if I understand this correctly, I’ll be able to run Dash on my computer or perhaps even the raspberry pi? Will I then be able to publish this to a webpage so I can access this from my phone?

Yes. You will need to figure out how to make the Dash server on your RaspPi available on the public internet, but that would be the idea.

Is Dash.Plotly free for offline use in a business context?

Official license here: https://github.com/plotly/dash/blob/master/LICENSE
Our commercial offerings for Dash: https://plot.ly/dash/pricing/

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Thank you very much for this good news