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Limitations of dash community vs. on-premise

Hello everyone,

I read this stackoverflow question which was helpful but I’m still not sure whether or not the free version of Dash is limited compared to the On-premise version, e.g. in terms of number of charts available, in terms of number of users using the app (provided I deploy it on my own server) etc.

Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!

@jyco - The Dash On-Premises server is a separate product from the underlying Dash libraries ( The Dash On-Premises server is a deployment solution that manages deploying, monitoring, and permissioning (enterprise LDAP user login) of applications created from the underling Dash libraries.

In other words, there is no separate community version of the Dash libraries. The licensed products (Dash On-Premise) provide an enterprise-ready platform for deploying Dash apps.

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@chriddyp - Thanks a lot for your explanation!