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Free dash vs paid dash

Hello guys, could you explain me some things.
I’m look differences between free and paid dashes and have some questions.
what mean “Unlimited Dash Applications”? If I use free dash and develop some app, I have limit on it?
If yes, what is my limit?
what is the best advantages of paid dash?

Everything available via “pip install dash” you can use without limit. I believe all the open source Dash projects are under the MIT licence which is a very liberal commercially friendly licence.

However you can pay for Dash to get access to extra tools and direct support from Plotly and paid for feature requests. Such tools including deployment server, enterprise authorization integration, a Dashboard creator etc…

This is Plotly’s business model, put awesome free open source libraries out there and if you want commercial support or professional tools to go with them then you can pay for that.

Unfortunately the front page of Dash pushes this business model pretty aggressively and, like you, I’ve had lots of people say when I tell them to try Dash “oh, don’t you have to pay for that?”. But you don’t, the library on it’s own is great without any paid extras.


@dracos150 the unlimited dash applications and unlimited viewers is comparing to other commercial tools where your cost can easily scale up if you have a significantly large group of users. the dash project you find in github is open source and under MIT, which you have no limit at all.

I need to make a embedded dashboard that updates automatically from SQL server database. In other words I just want to make an iframe and embed it to our web-app that is developed in
Can I make it with free dash or do I have to use the enterprise version?

I have personally never done that but I am pretty sure it is possible with the open-source version of Dash.