About Dash being free and pricing

I’m a beginner in the field of Data-analysis in general, i’d like to build a webapp for analysing some data and display it on a Webpage, i made some research and found Dash, and it immediately looked awesome.

However, i didn’t understand the whole Licensing part, so i came here to ask for help. From what i understood, you have to pay if you want to use Dash private cloud and deployment options. So, let’s say that i build a Dash webapp and i deploy it on Heroku, i work on it and i keep it running. If one day i should ever decide to charge to use that Webapp i’d need to have a Dash Licence, since it’s commercial use?

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You would not. Dash is MIT licensed (see dash/LICENSE at master · plotly/dash · GitHub). We fund the development of Dash through a set of extra commercial products like Dash Deployment Server (Get Pricing) that are separate from the core Dash library.

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So i would be free to use it even for a commercial use? Thank you for the fast response, sorry for my newbie questions but i’m new to this. Keep up your awesome work :slight_smile:

Yes. From the LICENSE that I linked to: dash/LICENSE at master · plotly/dash · GitHub

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Again, thank you for the response and thank you for working on this awesome project, looking forward to using it a lot!