Privacy commercial use

Dear Dash team,

I really love Dash and would like to use it for commercial use, building a dashboard for my team. I am a bit confused about data privacy so I would like to ask:

  • Does any data leave the company / is hosted on any servers if we create a Dash dashboard with the free license?

  • Is Dash completely free for commercial use?

Thank you very much for a short information about this!


I think Dash is MIT licensed, so you may use it freely.

The commercial paid Plotly solutions allows for easy deployment. If you do it yourself you don’t have to pay for anything.

Hey, I don’t work @Plotly, just sharing what I’ve been searching as well.

In addition to what @cecilia said, no data leaves your servers/computer with the free license. Dash is completely free for any kind of use.

Thank you very much for your fast answers!