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Offline Dash application

Hi all,

I am planning to use dash to build a local dashboard, based on confidential data. The data should not leave the machine in any form. I would guess that this is the default behavior, or does the dash module communicate with the plotly servers in some (unexpected) ways and/or should I change some settings for this.


Yes, that is the default behavior. There is no communication with servers in any form.

Hi , is there any short tutorial on specifics related to using dash in offline mode … it is super critical that the data does not leave the local machine as the research at my lab is still at the nascent stage .

I am moving from MATLAB to python for dashboards , any guidance or pointers to resources for dash in offline mode will be extremely helpful. Thanks you

@Vivekanand Dash is “offline” by default - your app will run on your local computer unless you host it somewhere like Heroku. For making graphs in Python offline (for your dashboards), read this:


Also see Is there telemetry data in Dash source code? (answered: no)


Thanks guys, I have been playing around with Dash and I am loving it :slight_smile:

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