How to generate offline html file

Sorry to bother u guys.
I am a data analyst , and frequently i write some reports for my workmate or boss.
I am a python dash fan.
Sometimes i like to write reports with interactive features rather than static . but when i use dash to write reports ,
It is very inconvenient for me to share those reports to my workmates . they want offline html files so they can
view the file with no internet. By now , i view the page on my own pc with visiting .
Before i use plotly.offline.plot to generate offline graphs, so i want to know if dash has some methods to generate
dynamic offline files which i can share conveniently offline . The file contains dynamic features and wonderful web UI,
a little like Excel dashboard but more advanced. By the way, post my app to a server and let others to visit http address is
complicated for me.


Hi, I have the same question.
Do you find the solution?

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I have the same question

i have the same question

Can anyone update on this issue of generating clients-side / server-less html file?

Up on this thread, i have the same question!

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Also interested in the use case.

Of source if the dash app require server-side callback it doesn’t make sense. But if all the callback are client-side it should be possible.