Community Contributions Guide

Given the ongoing interest in supporting the community and the open-source Plotly and Dash frameworks, we’ve put together a list of contribution opportunities. To learn more about each opportunity and join the community efforts, please email or message Adam directly on the forum.

Open Source Development

  1. Based on your area of interest, you can check out the issues created in the following GitHub repositories:

  2. Once you identify an issue that you believe you can contribute to, you can comment directly within the issue thread. If you have questions about a particular issue, please email

Dash App examples

Go through the Example Apps page to get a better understanding of the apps we chose to highlight.

If you’re excited about building professional Dash apps and would like your app to be highlighted, click the SHARE YOUR APP button in the Example Apps page to learn more about the criteria for app submissions. You can also share your app creations on the show-and-tell tag.

Dash Example Index

If you’d like to build apps that help others learn Dash, the Dash Example Index project might be the right option for you.

Think of the app you’d like to build and contribute. Then, suggest your app by starting a new issue.

Community Forum

The success of the Plotly forum is the result of dedicated and ongoing support offered by community members just like you. To get started, simply try solving the community’s questions.

If you’d like to learn more about the different ways you can contribute to the forum, request to join the Community Support Team. We will follow up with more information.

Community Components

If you wish to take advantage of your developer skillset, help enrich our community component index by adding a new Dash component.

Written Tutorials

Blog posts and written tutorials are a powerful learning tool. If you enjoy writing or editing content, check out our Plotly blog page for ideas.

Please submit your idea for a blog post via email to

Video Tutorials

Many community members learn Dash through video tutorials. If you enjoy making video content or would like to improve your video-making skills, check our Plotly Youtube channel for ideas.

Please email to start working on videos together.

Sharing is Caring

Are you itching to share your new Dash component, data visualization or app with the community, or just want to meet other community members?

Join our Community Meetups on the last Thursday of every month. Email to get the monthly invite.
Also, we’d love to see your creations on the show-and-tell tag.