Dash Club 13: LangChain Plotly Upcoming Webinar, Dash Online Course, Dash-Langchain Challenge Winners, Blogs, Component and App of the Month

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Version Check

LangChain-Plotly Upcoming Webinar

We’re proud to announce the completion of the joint webinar on January 30, featuring community-built Dash apps.

In the webinar, we heard from LangChain’s Founding Engineer, Erick Friis, on the usage of LangChain within Dash apps.

We also heard directly from the community members and learned how the Dash apps were built.

Register to watch the recording.

Dash Online Course

Class is in session! Adam Schroeder, Plotly Community Manager, is conducting a free course with live sessions on building data apps in Python and Dash. The course dives into creating interactive apps that connect to your analytics code, exploring data sets with the Plotly Dash toolkit, and building connections with the Dash community.

Curious about what can be built with Plotly Dash? Check out the official App Examples page.

The course is now open! And it’s completely free. Secure your spot before the February 3rd deadline. Sign up today.

Dash-LangChain Challenge Winners

Thank you everyone for participating in the Dash-Langchain App Building Challenge. The apps submitted by the community went far and beyond our expectations! Absolutely amazing.

Over the last couple of weeks, a group of Plotly staff judges had the pleasure of reviewing each app and voting for the top three app winners. And the winners are…:drum:

:1st_place_medal: StockSavvy Dash App, created by Troy, with the following code.

This app combines LangChain LLMs with Dash AG Grid and the Plotly Polar Bar chart in flawless fashion. Using your openAI API key and a free Alphavantage API key, you can choose a stock ticker and get the latest news stories relevant to that stock. Then, you can access the conversational agent that answers questions about the stock market news.

The Polar Bar chart shows the relative strength of different financial metrics (price-to-earnings, debt-to-equity, etc) for each stock, relative to the other stocks in the S&P 500.

This app is a great tool for a quick visual stock analysis.

:2nd_place_medal: CentralBank-LLM Dash App, created by Vic, with the following code.

An impressive app, indeed! We loved the user interface and the clear description of steps needed for exploring the three currencies.

Using your openAI API key, you simply have to select a currency, let the latest reports download and process into a vectorized database; then, ask your question.

Once you get an answer to your prompt, the model tells you where in the documents it found the information to put together your answer.

The graphs at the bottom part of the app are a sweet addition so you’re not just reading text but can quickly visualize currency trends over time.

:3rd_place_medal: Document Assistant Dash App, created by George, with the following code.

This app combines technical innovation with practical business applications. It runs locally and uses private data as well, which means it can be customized according to users’ needs.

The app is a RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) end-to-end framework designed to merge private vector stores with unstructured documents and LLMs, facilitating a locally runnable D.O.T. (Document Of Things) - Chat/QA application.

Simply git-clone the repository, install the libraries from the requirements.txt file, and follow the Quick Start guide to run the app on your computer.

A big thank-you and a shout-out to all the other community members and the apps that they submitted to the challenge:

Plotly Blogs

Check out these recent pieces from our blog page:

Additionally, we launched a new user story portal. Check out how companies like CIBC, Uniper, and Intuit are using Dash!

Component of the Month

Dash Sylvereye is a new Python library that facilitates the creation of interactive visualizations, focusing on large primal street networks.

Dash Sylvereye offers a Dash component that supports interactive visualizations on top of web-tiled maps, catering to the analytical and visual needs of urban researchers and planners​​.

The customizable visualizations allow for the programmatic manipulation of colors, sizes, alpha, and visibility of individual nodes, edges, and markers of the network.

More on Dash-Sylvereye: Docs, live demo video, GitHub, app.

:pray: Thank you Alberto for creating this library and sharing it with the Plotly Dash community.

Visit our components index to see more components made by the community! And join our component-builder community by creating and sharing your own Community Components.

App of the Month

This exquisite Dash app created by community member, Tanguy, exhibits various aspects of space exploration. The app scrapes data daily and in real time (every 6 hours), offering an up-to-date view of space activities.

In addition, there is the helpful Historical tab, which allows you to explore important events from 1940 to 2020.

Using Dash Mantine Components, the app achieves a beautiful layout, which is also fully responsive, adapting to various screen sizes.

Access the live App and Github, or view the app demo video.

:pray: Thank you Tanguy for creating this app and submitting it to the Dash Explore Page.

See more Dash apps or share your own in the Community Forum’s Show and Tell tag. If you would like your app to be considered for the next edition of the Dash Club newsletter or the Dash Explore Page, please submit your app by clicking the Share Your App button.

Things Happen

:star: Thank you to our community member, Rictuar, for creating the BinDiscover App. BinDiscover enables the easy exploration of data from twenty years of Gas-Chromatograph/Mass-Spectrometry metabolomics. Watch the tutorials to learn more or jump directly to the open source GitHub repo.

:airplane: Plotly staff members, Todd, Mingo, and Adam, had the pleasure of leading a Dash workshop for dozens of data scientists from around the world in Cincinnati, Ohio.

:rice_scene: If you haven’t done so already, check out the Dash app built by the TolTEC project for planning astronomical observations.

:movie_camera: Ever wanted to embed translated subtitles to videos? Thanks to community member, Andres, we now have a way to do it with Dash. Check out their GitHub repo.

:earth_americas: Thank you to community member, Brianna, for sharing the code and showing how to create a spherical earth, and plot all the countries on it using shapefiles.

:star: Thank you to community member, Sahib, for submitting the “Where to Live in LA” Dash app. We thought so highly of his app that we added it to the Connecting to API section of the Dash Explore Page.

:star: Equally impressive Dash apps that were recently added to the Dash Explore Page were made by community members, Louis and Pablo: Visplorify and Climate Zones on the Move respectively.

:briefcase: Job postings from around the world looking for Plotly and Dash skills.

:star: Dash course student, rjenc29, shared a unique Dash app highlighting an optical illusion.

:open_book: Given the ongoing interest in supporting the open-source Plotly and Dash frameworks, we’ve put together a list of contribution opportunities.

:bank: Community member, Tommy, built and shared their very own Dash Bank Statement Analyser. Thank you, Tommy.

:green_heart: Celebrating our top contributors in December of 2023.

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