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First Contribution

I would like to contribute to Dash. Can someone please help me get started?

Yup! What issue are you interested in working on? I recommend looking through the issues in all of the Dash repos:

I am more interested towards python related issues! Can you tell where can I find 'em?
And thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

There aren’t many issues in the actual Python code. Most of the bugs and features are in React.js. Here are all of the issues labeled “good for a first time contributor”:

Thanks a lot ! I will surely work on it and I hope you see a PR from my side in some time :slight_smile:

Hey, one more thing, where can I find instructions to install dash in dev mode?

There isn’t a dev mode for the dash repo. Other repos will have a file: And if you need help getting started in a particular repo, open an issue!

Thanks a ton! @chriddyp