Why is so hard to build Dash Components?

Hey guys,
This time, I would like to suggest something to the Dash team.

I read that almost all Plotly Dash developers are React Developers and it raised some insights based on my experiences using this framework.

I have started to learn React.js to be able to create my own components, but I frequently find problems that aren’t covered by the only 2 simple and a little “outdated” examples provided by the Dash team that covers only a few and simple scenarios of a react component, and after reading this article, it becomes clearer the reason why we have only 2 simple references about how to convert components from react to Dash;

Seems like the Dash team forget that although the components and the team are focused on react.js, the users are almost all Python or R users that rarely know/understand React Js and do not have almost any support from the Dash team on how to build simple stuff based on web development knowledge.

In my use case, I noted that almost all components that I tried to convert has a different react structure or version, and some of them use old structure classes, the new ones use hooks with function and a lot of stuff that I’m unable to explain yet, but I know that I do not have any reference to solve these problems and it’s very frustrating.

I would like to ask the Dash team or even the community that uses it, to provide more references and different examples/tutorials to the community to be able to create more components, and consequently make the Dash framework more robust and also, easier for the community to collaborate on building new solutions/components.