Converting react components to dash

hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to convert react components to dash compatible components for a while without success. I could follow and successfully run the codes on ’ React for Python Developers’. I replicate the examples on “Webinar: Converting React components to Dash components” video. But I don’t get results when I try other react components. To see what I am doing wrong, I decided to run “dash_core_components” codes as provided on Github. I copy and paste the codes on componentname.react,js to my sample.react.js (this is the one created using cookiecutter boilerplate) change the names in the appropriate places and run build. It compiles successfully. then I run; it doesn’t show any warning or error. But on the website it says “error loading dependencies”. I don’t know how to go forward form here. I would appreciate it if you could point me to the right direction.

Thank you