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Is there a community Dash components repository?

Hello, I was wondering if there is a repo with community build components? I’m guessing dash-core-components will only have the “core” plotly supported components.

I would think over time the community will build some pretty cool stuff. Maybe a community github repo / page could be setup if it doesn’t exist already?

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Yeah, that’s a great idea. We can update the documentation at https://plot.ly/dash/plugins to include a note on registration as well.

Additionally, I hope that users prefix their packages with dash- so that we can easily search pypi, npm, and github for dash packages.

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Two things on this.

  1. In theory, is any React component transferrable to Dash? E.g. Polar charts are under-developed by Plotly.js, so wouldn’t that be a hindrance to any React / Dash Polar component?

  2. This site has some jaw-dropping visualisations. If anyone wants to help make a radial histogram, I’ll buy you beer and cookies.