Show And Tell Does Dash have a marketplace? if not why not?

Some open source tools have a market place where people can upload their code or share github links for components that other users might find useful. Currently i haven’t find such a place for Dash. This market place can sell or just share free components (e.g. Odoo Appstore). I work in a company that relies on plotly and dash for it’s entire business intelligence and data analysis and i usually design components both in python and react that make it easier to handle Dash and even connection of multiple dash projects to a database.
I believe a lot of components i’ve desing can be generalized and be implemented by other users ( at your risk) if the code was available for them. At the same time i could find solution to a lot of problems if other people components were available to me.

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See posts tagged “Show and Tell” in this community forum: :smiley_cat:


nice ill be trying to post useful plugins soon.

fwiw the dash component boilerplate readme mentions to tag the component repo with plotly-dash. This link should provide all components that were tagged:

That said, having some type of “marketplace” with plugins would be a great idea!