The new Dash Example Index

Dash Example Index is a list of over 70 code snippets that combine Dash components with Plotly graphs. This is a great tool to use for learning Dash and its rich features. This can also be used for when you don’t want to write Dash code from scratch; just find an example you like, copy the code, and modify it for your purpose.

We have also started incorporating the Dash Example Index into the Dash docs. Multiple Dash Core Components refer to the Example Index for more learning opportunities, such as the Dropdown and the Input, among many others.

For more examples of minimal Dash apps that use dcc.Dropdown, go to the community-driven Example Index.

This project has been a community effort months in the making. Thank you to all the community members that have contributed their time, Dash skills and wonderful examples to this initiative.

:dizzy: @AnnMarieW @cepel @Emil @Milan @POBonin @someshfengde @stu Rodrigo V. :dizzy:

Our ultimate goal is to showcase 100 examples, so if you’re interested in joining the efforts and contributing your own app, checkout the contributing guide, and feel free to message me.


Thank you @adamschroeder for guiding us throughout the application development :hugs:


Great work y’all, this looks awesome! Bookmarking it for later purposes :slight_smile: