Show and Tell - Covid19 Data Viewer

Perhaps not the most original idea in the current times, but I was inspired to make my first Dash app: an interactive Covid19 data viewer. Check it out!

It use a multi-page layout, and has some cross-filtered scatter plots, a Mapbox plot for viewing global data, and a table displaying the raw data. Layout was performed with Dash Bootstrap Components. It uses the dash testing module with Percy to incorporate visual tests. As with all Dash apps, best experienced in-person! Screenshots included below nonetheless:

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m very happy with it! Somethings I’m still working on include:

  1. Adding a data summary page.
  2. Refactoring repetitive structures into helper components.
  3. Improving performance. There’s a noticeable lag any time you change pages at the moment.

Any feedback appreciated! Happy to be joining this community :slight_smile: