Show and Tell - Covid 19 Dash

Here is an app I’ve made to visualise Covid 19 deaths/cases data.

The Cumulative Data page tracks cumulative Covid-19 deaths/cases and extends predictions using the latest daily rate of change. The Stringency Data page compares the OxCGRT Stringency Index (a measurement of Covid-19 policy responses around the world) to daily Covid-19 deaths/cases in each country.

This is a work in progrees and I’ll be adding further data sources.


Simple and effective. I like this a lot! Thanks for sharing

Love the app. Do you know what’s wrong with the Spain line? why does it deep below zero?

There seems to be an issue with the reporting of Spain in the data set I’m using. They seem to fill it in a few days later but those zeros have been happening quite frequently in the last few weeks.

I shoud probably fill in the gaps in those situations.

It’s all about the data :slight_smile:

Anyway, great app. It’s very informative and easy to use.

Congratulations :clap: