Show and tell - A Multilingual covid 19 dashboard

I am working on a Multilingual Covid-19 dashboard built using plotly Dash, also used Hugging face transformer - MarianMT for translation.

It is currently showcased on #buildwithAI hackathon under “best Dashboard” category , If you liked the dashboard do consider liking this FB post as that will count as a vote -
(github and video link in that post)

The Aim was to make Covid-19 analysis, visualizations, and information available to English and non-English speakers. It supports languages such as English,German, French, Russian, Irish, Indonesian, etc (and many more). In addition, there’s a live text translator, Where the user can copy-paste untranslated texts on the website. (translator inspired by @xhlu )

As far as the graphs are concerned, currently, World map, treemap, line and bar graphs are added. All of it can be dynamically controlled through dropdowns (such as country, continent, criteria(total cases, total deaths, etc).

Further graphs will be added, such as tests per case by countries.
Analysis such as population correlation, total deaths vs cases is considered. There is also news feed for COVID 19 built using newspaper in the second tab.

Screenshots -


Really cool app, and really interesting way to make English news more accessible to the global population (through open-source MarianNMT translations). Thanks for sharing!

I think it would be nice to included government sources in the “Covid headlines” section, e.g. CDC, ECDC, WHO, etc.


Wow amazing app @nagarajbhat! Is this hosted anywhere?

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@xhlu Thanks! That’s a good idea, I built news feed using newsapi, they do provide option for sources, I’ll check if can integrate that … but for now I have added dropdowns for country, language and category(health, technology,etc) …

thanks @chriddyp … I am working on getting the language feature into production … But I have deployed single language (English) version over here -

Added Dropdowns to select category, country for news feed, also added images and changed layout -

Screenshot -

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hi @nagarajbhat great work, congratulations!
How are you doing with the multi-language version, could you deploy it?