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Show and Tell - BeaconGraph

I wrote about it on my blog The general idea is to allow users to display wireless signal relationships (access point/clients). It uses Dash Cytoscape with a Neo4j database and displayed via PyQt5 widgets. In the blog post, you can see the improvement of trying to write the app myself to using Dash instead.

Github link:

Thanks to the Dash team for all their hard work!


SO nice! Thanks so much for sharing :smiley_cat:

Thanks for the compliment.

One of the things I realized as I was setting this up with PyQt5 is that I could use callbacks as an extension to widget functionality for things I can’t exactly figure out in Dash.

For example, in this tool, I print the progress of parsing the input files to the console because I haven’t seen how to return that output to a Dash component repeatedly so that I can get a status popup at the top of the screen or something. I could probably output to a log file and use Interval to read it, but that seems clunky.

Instead, I can trigger the visibility of a PyQt5 widget using a callback and display console output in a small text box somewhere for roughly the same effect.

This can definitely lead to some interesting interaction between Dash and PyQt5.

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That looks fantastic!! Great work and inspiring