Show and Tell - HVAC Noise Prediction app with dash cytoscape

I created an app with the help of dash-cytoscape. I am not allowed to show the code as it was developed at work. But here is a glimpse of what the ‘dash-cytoscape’ can do. In summary, its integration with Dash is extremely powerful, and the development experience was simple and intuitive. I did not know how to use any programming language except for Matlab. Dash was my introduction to python and ‘real’ programming. In a year with Dash, I am able to develop apps easily without much programming experience. Thanks to the efforts of the developers for this amazing product.

Special thanks to @chriddyp and @xhlu

EDIT: The interface was very easy to develop because of ‘dash-bootstrap-components’. So I extend my thanks to @tcbegley for that :slight_smile:


Okay the gif has artefacts - sorry about that

Great design on the branch input and selection UI!

Thanks :smiley::smiley::smiley: