Dash Job - Knowledge Graph startup needs a Dash/Cytoscape visualization for a MVP

Neurosymbolic AI startup, skilled in the AI/NLP/DB backend, we are pretty illiterate with Dash plotly.

We are building a knowledge graph for the publishing industry. To build our demo/MVP we’d need to develop a visualisation to explore the graph.

We’d love to talk with a skilled Dash (preferably Cytoscape experienced) developer to understand the sizing of such an effort.

We have developed simple APIs to query our knowledge graph and retrieve wanted data from it so the Dash would use them to fetch data and visualize it. We envision a captivating graph visualisation with querying of nodes and link properties, a text search box, possibly a slider to limit dates.

We’re based on the central european timezone but totally open to work from remote with “English as spoken by Mario” videoconferences :wink:

Our website: https://isagog.com/. If interested or just curious get in touch with bob@isagog.com

Take care and ciao !


@rjalexander Here’s various examples of Dash Cytoscape in action per:


(part of a broader collection of “art of the possible” w Dash that I’ve found over course of time)

I’ve listed contacts who developed these where available.


Thanks a lot !!! Take care. Ciao from Rome!