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Cytoscape integration for Dash

The Dash Club - Dispatch 2 newsletter sent the past 4th of October of this year said:

Interested in network graphs? We’ve been working with the Cytoscape team to build a first class Dash network graph component. Look for an open source release this month!

But, sadly, we haven’t got any more official information about this from Dash :cry:

Doing some research, we have found: dash-cytoscape and react-cytoscapejs repos. We are already using those, but they have not been updated lastly, they are still buggy and missing many features from cytoscape.

Finally, there’s this Dash bio landing page, which announces Dash bio for early 2019 which will ship with “Dash Cytoscape” included.

How is the status of Dash cytoscape? Do you have it in your roadmap for the short term?

We are really interested in having cytoscape fully working in Dash. We can’t help with sponsorship, but we could with code.

You found it :slight_smile: We haven’t officially “launched” these projects (with documentation and an announcement essay), but you are welcome to use them in the meantime.

Please report issues in the associated GitHub repos! That would be really helpful :bowing_man:

And we would love your help! Let’s discuss in GitHub in those repos :raised_hands:

Hey @Abeserra, thanks for sharing the issues concerning Dash Cytoscape! We’ve been working on adding new integration features and improving the existing application examples!

Some of the features from Cytoscape.js are not currently included since they rely on imperative properties of the libraries, which doesn’t not mesh well with our declarative API. For example, code such as cy.elements('node[weight > 50]') can’t be run in Dash, since Dash renders the layout into the React Cytoscape component, thus can’t directly use the cy variable.

If you found any feature from Cytoscape that is inherently declarative and that has not been implemented yet, please let us know by opening up an issue! Furthermore, feel free to run pip install dash-cytoscape==0.0.3 to check if some of the bugs you had have been fixed. Your contributions are highly appreciated!

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Dash Cytoscape is now released!