📣 Dash Club - Dispatch #4 - Latest Dash Developments

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Here is the this morning’s Dash Club newsletter. Lot’s of great stuff in here!

Many of these features are available in this morning’s release:📣 Dash 0.39.0 released

Eight Thousand Stars

Our GitHub project earned its 8,000th star last week. Hard to believe it’s only been a year and a half. Many thanks to everyone who helped us get here, from our community forum moderators to our growing community of commercial customers.

It’s been a really busy couple of months. We’ve been focusing a healthy mix of new chart types (sunbursts & sankey diagrams), new component libraries (cytoscape network graphs & image editing tools), deep architectural changes (multiple outputs, callback contexts), and developer experience enhancements (JupyterLab support). Listing them all out here so you can get more information. Excited to see what you build!

Support for Multiple Outputs

Remove hidden divs and dcc.Stores by updating multiple outputs from a single callback. Example & feedback.

Dash Callback Context

New dash.callback_context allows you to determine which input has changed & simplifies complex callbacks with many positional arguments. n_clicks_timestamp is no longer necessary. Check out an example in the user guide.

Loading States

We’re making it easy to display loading spinners on individual graphs or your app at large. Try it out and let us know how it goes.

Dash DataTable Data Types & Number Formatting

Cell formatting is now available in DataTable: round your floats, add percentage signs, or prefix cells with currency symbols. View the docs.

Dash DataTable Tooltips

Hover over cells and see their values. Check out a demo or get started with DataTable.

Dash Cytoscape Network Graphs

Fast, interactive, WebGL-enabled network graphs are now available in Dash. Read the announcement, try it out, and throw a star on it.

Circular Sankey Diagrams

Flows that recycle. View the development or drag some nodes around in an online demo. Also, flows can now be colored by their concentration.

Animated Transitions

Use the new transition argument to smoothly animate figure updates in dcc.Graph. Examples and discussion.

3D Isosurface Plots

Isosurface is our latest 3D chart type. View the development or check out demo.

Multi-level Categorical Axis Labels

Use multi-level category labels for grouped data sets. View the development and the discussion.

JupyterLab Support

Dash-JupyterLab enables interactive development of Dash apps in JupyterLab.

Image Editing and Annotating

Dash Canvas is an interactive image editing component for image processing Dash apps.

Dash DAQ

Dash DAQ (Data Acquisition) is a set of components for monitoring and controlling machines, instruments, and factories. View the source or get started.


Lots of really good stuff in here. As always, please take these features for a spin and let us know what you think.

Plotly Express

Plotly Express is our grammar-of-graphics-inspired charting interface. Simple syntax for complex charts. We’re excited to share this sneak preview.

Sunburst Charts

Sunburst charts extend plotly.js into the realm of hierarchical data. This development will make dash-sunburst an official chart type in dcc.Graph. Sunburst charts pave the way for treemaps & icicle charts. Check out an early version & join the discussion.

Dash for R

We’re writing an R interface for Dash. It’ll look and feel just like the existing Python interface and will use the same underlying JavaScript components. Try out the prototype.


Version Pinning

pip install dash will now install dash-core-components, dash-renderer, and dash-html-components. So, upgrade everything with a simple pip install dash --upgrade.


All of these changes can be viewed in each project’s “CHANGELOG.md” file. For example, see the changelogs in dash, dash-table, dash-core-components, or dash-html-components.

No more dcc.dependencies.Event

Event has been removed from Dash. It was removed from the user guide last year and replaced by event properties like n_clicks .


Dash Deployment Server 3.0

DDS 3.0 includes simplified authentication and authorization, Kerberos support, and a themable portal for viewing apps. View the Dash Deployment Server User Guide (no login required).

Dash Design Kit

Building blocks & templates for enterprise Dash apps. Think headers, sidebars, cards, and themable templates. No CSS required . Learn more about Dash Design Kit.

Sponsored Development

Many thanks to all of our enterprise customers that stepped up to fund our work. We’re shipping features faster than ever and we couldn’t have done it without you. Using Dash at your company? Learn more about our commercial products.


Working on something great? Share your app in the community forum or get in touch with us directly by responding to this email.

Microscopy Image Analysis at the Hammer Lab

This incredible app is part of Hammer Lab’s “Microscopy Image Cytometry Toolkit”. Check out a GIF and the code.

Assisting Scientists with CRISPR

This beautiful, explorable Dash app was recently featured in Nature. Discuss with the author in the community forum.

Perspective Interface

JP Morgan Chase open-sourced a fast pivot viz library called perspective. Now it has a Dash interface.

Log Ascii Standard (LAS) Oil & Gas Report

LAS is a standard file format in the oil & gas industry. LAS-to-Dash visualizes this data in an interactive Dash app. View the source.


We love seeing what you’ve built with Dash. Lots of ways to get in touch or track our progress:

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