Show and tell: CRISPR design

Our paper was published today:, which means the public launching of our web app for CRISPR design built using dash!

One feature of the website is using a CSS pseudo element on the Dash loading state to enable an animated loading gif. It’s quite easy to implement, for details, refer to my comment over here:

Everything else is fairly vanilla. I think I got relatively lucky that our program runs relatively quickly and takes small input (DNA sequence and a cutsite location) and produces large output that can be visualized in a number of ways. The web app is currently hosted on Heroku’s beefy performance-L dyno ($500/mo) which makes it even snappier.

Happy to hear any thoughts you might have!


Holy smokes, this is so nice! Thanks so much for sharing. Very cool that all aspects of the application were done in Dash, including the user guide and the about section. Excellent work on the graphic design and the clarity of the visualizations as well.

Congratulations on the launch and the Nature publication! :tada:

Quick screenshot for those reading along:

I highly recommend visiting the app (

Very cool! We need more visualizations like this in scientific publishing.

Are you planning on sharing the code on GitHub?

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The github repository is here: