Neo4j python visualization support

Hi all,
Been using dash to run network graph explorer for some time.
As of right now, I am pulling current subgraph from Neo4J DB as my graph database using Python Driver and converting it into cytoscape elements in every graph update callback.
I am aware of earlier posts:

IMO, the drawback my current approach is:

  • Converting large graph is unwanted overhead.
  • Visuals handling: to create a useful visualization, it requires to jungle between CSS and dash cytoscape. Cytoscape visualizatopn require JS manipulating which unfortunally still lack some features.
  • Overall use and feel just not suffice.

My questions is:

  1. Is there another way to explore graph db’s such as neo4j in current dash components ?
  2. Can i embedd url to another web application (such , which allow ), if so, how can i interact with it?
  3. Anyone who creates network graphs, what is your take on this ?

Any example projects/suggestions will be welcome.