Process mapping - swimlanes, shape, connectors, etc

Hello Dash community! I am thinking of an app to enable individuals across the enterprise to depict their business processes and data dependencies to

    1. visualize business processes
    1. understand data usage and dependencies across the enterprise
    1. connect Jira or other data to visualize the state of deliverables in near-real time
    1. provide stakeholders the ability to view process flows and dependencies at an enterprise level
    1. provide new hires an overview of process flows
    1. derive additional insights from data and visualizations in the future.

I have an example below (created in ppt). I assume there are dev options that might be a better fit for UI like this, but I would like to keep everything in one place so if I can build out a simple process map in Plotly Dash and use a few icons to depict data dependencies, it would be enough for a POC. How doable would this be?

I think Shapes in Python is a good start. The swimlanes could be just the dbc.Row’s are generated with a user click. I am unsure about adding/dragging and dropping icons, like the database one. Also, I wonder if Cytoscape would have to be used to draw connectors with nodes being the shapes of process mapping. Anything you have seen before that is similar would be very helpful! Thank you!

There is someone who has done something similar, I’m off to testing the dash_interactive_graphviz community component