What would be the best graph type to visualize pipelines (workflows)

I would like to visualize workflows in Dash. Lets think of a simple example:

[Node Start] -> [Node Middle] -> [Node End]

My first question is: What would be the best way or best graph-type to

  • Draw it in Dash?

In another scenario I would like to dynamically add another Node, e.g. if I Click on [Node End] the graph would be updated to this:

[Node Start] -> [Node Middle] -> [Node End] -> [New Node]

I tried to do this with the cytoscape package, but this seems a bit overkill and overly complicated to handle all the edges and nodes manually. I think I am missing some simpler way to do this

Many thanks


another option could be this component:

Sankey diagrams? https://plot.ly/python/sankey-diagram/

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Thanks chris

Indeed why not, I will have a look at it.

Thanks for your time and all the effort for Dash!

Thanks, looks interesting I will check it out