How to build a process depiction, similar to the dash callback graph?

How would you build something like this in a plotly dash app? I’m still struggling with building out a process map and callbacks from its components. The idea is to depict a process for a deliverable and manifest metrics associated with each step as the user clicks or hovers over one of the steps, skills, people, and technology.

Hi @vnavdulov. You can check out the dash cytoscape section. @adamschroeder has also made a video about this: Introduction to Dash Cytoscape - Networks - YouTube. There are additional videos for styling as weel The topic is quite extensive so you need to understand what’s happening and how to structure things. So it’s best you build some simple things to get started. As a backend it uses cytoscapejs / react-cytoscape which has quite extensive documentation too


Awesome, thank you! I’m somewhat familiar with cytoscape and it looks like I’ll have to dig into the docs.