Represent Nested flows using Dash Cytoscape

Hi, I am trying to create a graphical representation of business flows that comes dynamically from data frames.
List of flows:- Mobile_ApplicationStatusList-Profile8_DPPrcsAtmPosMsg, Mobile_ApplicationHistory-Mobile_DepositAccountInquiry-Profile8_SetProductRoleRelationship, ‘Mobile_DepositAccountInquiry-Profile8_DPPrcsAtmPosMsg’ [PS:- this is small subset from big sample set]

I am able to create nodes and edges and plot the graph using cytoscape as given below.

However, i am trying to show the relationships as per the business flows, selecting a single nodes highlights all incoming and outgoing edges till level 1 only.

I want to highlight the complete flow in the graph.

Could you please help me on same.

Please let me know if any further information is needed.

@chriddyp @xhlu, @adamschroeder
could you please help me with your inputs on above ?

PS:- Being new to community, and while going through different topics, i could pick your names.

Thanks allot for support.

Hi @shefali2909
Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, I can’t be of much help here, as I am less familiar with Cytoscape.