Open Source Dash Ag Grid Excel Download

Hi all!

As you probably know if you worked with Dash ag grid, downloading the grid as an Excel file is only available on the enterprise edition and not the open source one.

This minimal app (links below) uses open source Dash ag grid with openpyxl to download a grid as a formatted Excel file.

  • The downloaded Excel file is formatted as a table already for dynamic interactivity on Excel.
  • The Excel file has formatted column headers.
  • Formatted cells consistent with the grid format (highlight profit and order id in red where there is a loss).
  • Dynamic totals row for numeric columns at the bottom of the table.

There’s so much more one can do with openpyxl, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking it out.

The minimal app is available at:

Code available at: GitHub - Moh-Ozzi/Dash-AG-Grid-Excel-Download


Thanks for sharing @mo.elauzei
I’m going to add this to our Dash Club newsletter :slight_smile: