Examples of dash datatable wizard


Looking for possible samples of anyone using dash–maybe in combo with pandas–to have a layout that enables building of calculated columns. This would be similar to what you with excel having function hints to ease entry of functions in excel. Goal is to transition a spreadsheet which is over extended to more function dash app. Currently imported much of the data from sheets but want to create an easy way to build calculated columns from within a layout.

Any tips greatly appreciated of course!!

Best to all

Hi, Did you take a look at ag-grid?


I see from this post AG Grid country flags cell renderer the import…so AG grid is included as an extension? Looks interesting…have worked with Angular in the past but will pursue checking it out…typically need to check on–and limit–bunch of other libraries for licensing and other factors but will take a look.


Hi @dsldashpl32

Lots of functionality is available in the free AG Grid Community version.

Check out the dash docs here:

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I’ve been diving into the world of data visualization using Plotly and I’m encountering a challenge that I hope you can help me with. I’m working on a project where I want to create interactive data visualizations and transition away from a spreadsheet-based approach. I’ve already imported my data from various sources, including Google Sheets, and now I’m looking to build a layout that allows me to create calculated columns seamlessly within the application. Regards

Hi @OttoZander

Sounds like an interesting project. I’d recommend, if you’re just starting out with Dash, to take the Dash in 20 minutes tutorial. Then, if you’d like to use Dash AG Grid as your data table, you can start with the Getting Started chapter.