Dash AG Datagrid?

Hey everyone! I was just poking around in the Dash documentation and I saw this Datagrid component in the Enterprise section and was wondering what it was? I looked into the original react library that it is coming from, and it seems like it has a community (free) and an enterprise (paid) version to it, so I was wondering whether there might be any plans to incorporate the community edition into the primary Dash landscape to be able to take advantage of more advanced Datagrids, as opposed to dash_table? I, personally, would benefit greatly from being able to use even just the AG Grid community edition, and I would probably pay for a license to the enterprise ag grid license to get access to those aggregation features if either Plotly or someone in the community were able to build this component out? Given that dashboards consist heavily of tabular and visual data, it would be incredible to have this feature set propagate to the core repository if possible! Thanks! :slight_smile: @chriddyp


dash-ag-grid is only available in Dash Enterprise. It provides a Python interface to the Ag-Grid library, including lots of conversions from their JavaScript API into a Dash-friendly declarative Python API. We built this in collaboration with a couple of customers that had to use Ag-Grid as company policy, and decided to offer this to the rest of our customer base.

dash-ag-grid includes capabilities in the Ag-Grid community version and enterprise version. The Ag-Grid license key needs to be purchased separately to use the Ag-Grid Enterprise features. There are no plans at the moment to break this feature apart and offer portions of it for free/open source. Dash Enterprise is licensed with all of the features in one platform; individual features are not available to be licensed separately.

Note that dash-ag-grid was built on the same open source plugin framework that underpins Dash Open Source. It was important to me that these interfaces remained open source so that anyone could build anything on top of the framework; MIT licensed or otherwise! As a company, we provide dozens of features in Dash Enterprise that use this same interface. We’re always going to offer some features under the Dash Enterprise Platform license - this is the revenue that keeps the lights on and funds the development of the framework, and the rest of the ecosystem we offer for free under the MIT license.