Newbie, how to securely deploy multi-user applications to cloud environment


I am a data scientist, not a system administrator. I have POC Dash app that works great on my local computer. For the next part of my prototype, I need to make the Dash app available from web pages running on my company’s web server. Only authorized and authenticated users should be allowed to access the app.

according to 🌟 Introducing Dash 🌟. Create Reactive Web Apps in pure Python | by plotly | Plotly | Medium dash out of the box supports multiple users. It is not clear how I handle the security requirement.

I also found an article, Host a Dashboard using Python, Dash, and Linux in your own Linux server | by Carlos Piñero | Medium , that describes how to install Dash on a linux server using uWSGI and Nginx. I have never used uWSGI or Nginx before. Any idea why I might want to do that

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Hello @aedwip,

You can use open source to possibly fill your needs. It really depends on how you want to do your coding.

A couple of questions.

  • When you say cloud, you mean internal servers or actual cloud providers?
  • When you say restrictions, you mean individual user restrictions? That is possible through authentication in dash and or flask login.

thanks I will look into it

hi jinnyzor

we run on a public cloud provider (aws, gcp, …)

I will see if I can find the authentiation documentation for flask and dash

thanks you