How to share dashboard within a company?

FWIW - We built Dash Enterprise for companies like yours -

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us to get a software license for your company.
  2. Install - We work with your company’s IT dept to install the Dash Enterprise platform on your server(s): Your IT department will provision a TLS certificate, a domain name, and a server(s) and then run the Dash Enterprise installation script (and our installation team is on standby to help out).
  3. Upload & Share - Once installed, you simply log in to an internal company URL that hosts Dash Enterprise and upload your code to the platform to share the Dash app to your colleagues: no fuss.
  4. Restrict Access - Plus, you can restrict access to certain people in your company if your data is sensitive within the Dash Enterprise UI.

Dash Enterprise comes with a ton of other features too, but sharing an app internally on restricted networks was the very first feature we built on the platform.

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