Using Dash and Dash Enterprise to build applications for external users

I understand that the primary use case for Dash is building applications for internal use within an organization. Does anyone have experience using Dash to build applications for use by external users? Additionally, would it be possible and does it make sense to use Dash Enterprise to build applications for external users?

All information and leads are appreciated.


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For Dash open source, I wouldnt say that the primary use case is for internal use, as Dash itself builds a web app, this is obviously available externally as long as you have set it up that way. There are actually quite a few examples, even recently posted of applications that are for external parties built with Dash.

For Dash Enterprise, it is a quicker way to build a Dash app and maintain it. Therefore, all the above should still apply.

The thing to keep in mind, is Dash is normally built on top of Flask. So, anywhere Flask can be used, you can use Dash in its place. Dash makes it so you dont have to worry about creating your own back and forth using POST / fetch requests. But, is flexible in the sense that you can still do those things as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, @jinnyzor! Everything that you said makes sense. Do we know of examples of SaaS applications built with Dash that include authentication of external users? And is anyone using Dash Enterprise in that way?


Do you know of any that fit this model?

@npschafer, I am currently working on transitioning our Flask web app to a Dash web app, and it would mostly fit the model of SaaS. It has internal (employees) and external users. But, everything is behind a login wall, so you cant see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

hi @npschafer
yes, you can definitely use Dash Enterprise for internal/external facing users as well as for authentication. As @jinnyzor said, one of the advantages is that Dash Enterprise makes it easier to do all this.

If you would like to connect with someone in Plotly to learn more, let me know.

Thank you @adamschroeder; it would be great to speak to someone. I’ve submitted a few requests through the pricing page on Dash Enterprise. Let me know how best to reach out.


Some examples for you … all powered in whole or in part w python, plotly, dash … for anlytics/viz focused enterprise grade external facing web application workflows

Awesome @DaveG - thanks!