How to make a multi user accessible dash app on web?

Hi there, I was wondering what packages to use to build a multi user, multipage dash app. It is a Dashboard to show customers data. The goal is to be able to upload the app to Heroku, Pythonanywhere, etc and accessible to customers with a login and password.

Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’d look into building a Flask application, with the Dash app server being the Flask instance itself.

This stack overflow thread is a very-high level overview of how the systems play together along with Flask-Login.

This video by Corey Shafer describes using the Flask-Login library to enable authentication.

If you want a very basic authentication process without TLS (HTTPS), you can use Dash Basic Authentication, giving each customer a username and password you define, and tailoring the layout based on the user logged in. This isn’t secure, but it is a solution.

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