How can I help with documentation?

I would like to offer assistance on Plotly/Dash documentation. I am new to open source contribution, so I think my best way to provide value (and to learn more) is to work on documentation. I have looked at and I was unable to find a way to reach out to the team that is doing documentation, so I am posting here. Does anyone know how I can get started?


Hi @konsta, what a great question! It goes to the heart of maintainers here :slight_smile:

The documentation is mostly written by the same people who develop and Dash.

For, the documentation source files are in It consists of Markdown files which can be opened as Jupyter notebooks thanks to jupytext. If you’re looking for ideas, there is an open wishlist for examples in tutorials

For dash, the documentation source is in (the Dash documentation is itself a Dash documentation).

For both packages, feel free to open an issue in the relevant repository to discuss a documentation idea which you have in mind, if you would like to have early feedback abut its relevance.

Thank you so much for offering your help! Looking forward to more discussions on Github! :tada:

Thank you so much for your lightning fast reply. I will take a shot at some of the wishlist examples. Should I just submit my drafts as a response to issue 1965 and treat them like I was submitting code?