How can I download a user guide for plotly-python?

Hello all,
I got a simple question. Is there a read the docs or a downloadable documentation file for plotly python ? Can someone kindly direct me to it ? No matter how much I try, it keeps re-directing me to the plotly website, which is fine for an example or a specific case, but if I wanted to understand and learn more about everything that plotly can do, I would prefer to have a detailed documentation pdf or read the docs. Can someone please point me to it if it is available ?


It looks like if you have a reasonable amount of time to figure it out you could follow this guide to build the documentation locally:

Hi @UdayGuntupalli,

Unfortunately, this is not currently available. But I agree it would be very useful. We’re currently in the process of reworking the Python documentation, so hopefully this kind of thing will be easier to produce in the future.