I have a dream: crowd sourced, quality-assured code-examples demonstrating all functions

The online Dash tutorial is Great! Often the reference documentation is not enough to get started. A small executable code example is the best. I copy it and make small changes here and there until I have something that I can add to my code. The problem comes when there are no examples that help. I just now posted a question how to use html.DataList so that dcc.Input gives the user suggestions. It’s a fairly straightforward usage case and the web is full of such implementations. But I can’t find an example in the tutorial/reference documentation. When I go googling I find examples that don’t work and several different opinions - it’s difficult to know which ones work, are deprecated or what.

Wolfram/Mathematica - the language I have been using before - is exemplary, with thousands of examples that are guaranteed to work. The tutorial/reference is even an executable notebook in itself, so if an example would stop working it would show immediately. Mathematica is proprietary and they put a lot of effort and money into it and I don’t know if Plotly has that type of resources. But this user community is very active and perhaps it would be possible to crowdsource a library of examples that Plotly/Dash could have a robot run once a day to see that they are working?

I reckon this is something for @Chriddyp to comment on. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Vint Cerf for a number of years and I recognize that spirit in Chriddyp - he constantly encourages new ideas and sees to that people are feeling good and things are moving forward. It’s a rare kind of leadership that convinces me that Plotly/Dash is going to continue growing and improving.