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dcc.Graph candlestick hoverinfo shows strange labels

With update of dash-core-components to 0.17.0 my candlestick (plotly.graph_objs.Candlestick) chart behaves strangely on hover. hoverinfo is set to x+y for date on x axis and open/close/high/low values on candle.

Before (dcc 0.15.5) it looked like this:

But now (dcc 0.17.0) each candle value has a unwanted label min:, max:, q1:, q3: and median::

Whats the issue? Something changes in new plotly.js and I should adapt to it? Or is it plotly error and I should open an issue on github for that?

Calling @chriddyp for the rescue!

Could you open up an issue in the plotly.js repo? Looks like a regression to me.

Its here:

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