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Hover info obscured by other scatter plots on same axis


I have a graph wiith multiple scatter plots on the same axis

For hover over, I am primarily interested in the candlestick chart.

However I am finding that the Moving Average 40 scatter plot is preventing the hoverinfo for the candlestick from working. I have set the Moving Average 40 scatter to have hoverinfo=‘none’. This prevents the hoverinfo from appearing for Moving Average 40 but the hoverinfo for the candlestick still does not appear.

Is there any way to send scatter plots to the back or otherwise disregard them for the purposes of working out which hoverinfo to display?

LOL, definitely should have RTFF

Adding hovermode=‘x’ to the chart gives me most of the behaviour I am looking for. However if anyone does know how to arrange multiple scatters on the same Y axis in order of depth, please post here

Solution post: