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Why is my graph not displaying proper values on hover?

I was trying to make a candlestick graph, but it’s acting up. I also have an EWMA graph on the same figure and I think it’s confused by it.
I wanted to just display the normal - open, close, high, low by the cursor and date on the bottom. And it does that sometimes, but other times it displays the dates for some reason.
I tried changing hoverinfo to just y, but it completely messes up and doesn’t even show EWMA then.

Edit: I think i kind of partially figured it out … it still doesn’t display all 5 values, just the EWMA for some reason sometimes. Is there a way to delete your post btw?

def interactive_graph(stock):

  trace1 = go.Candlestick(x=,
                          hoverinfo = 'y'
                          increasing=dict(line=dict(width = 3)),
                          decreasing=dict(line=dict(width = 3)))

  trace2 = go.Scatter(
      y= t.predicted,
      marker={'color': 'blue', 'symbol': 42, 'size': "10"},
      hoverinfo = 'x+y'
  layout = go.Layout(
      title='Interactive chart',
          rangeslider = dict(visible = False),
          title='Price ($)',

  fig = go.Figure(data=[trace1, trace2], layout = layout)

That’s looks like a bug. Can you try upgrading your plotly version?