Dash practice project - dashboard for survey results

First of all, thank you to Adam for teaching the course. I learned a lot.

As a beginner, this project is simple and under development. The goal of the app is to be a dashboard for survey results. Users can compare the views of different job titles. The data is randomly generated based on a template, which comes from SurveyMonkey. Dash (dash-practice-app.onrender.com)

The actual survey has multiple sections. My plan is to display each section in a separate tab (I noticed the tab component the other day). Any suggestion is appreciated.

(Btw, does anyone know how to convert survey results downloaded from SurveyMonkey to a clean dataset that’s ready for analysis? I think SurveyMonkey deliberately make it difficult for anyone (including the owner of the survey) to analyze survey results independently…)

THanks for sharing the app, @weiqi.zhang . I’ve not had the chance to analyze surveyMonkey surveys. But it does seem messy. I would use pandas to break down the long list of answers and restructure the dataframe so that each answer owner is on multiple rows. For example:

Responder Answer
Adam ‘Email’
Adam ‘Virtual Assistant’
Adam ‘Live Rep’
Adam ‘Call’

That would make it easier to plot.

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Thanks. The sample data is actually already restructured. The originally exported results are in wide form, with question and options in the columns.