Questionnaire for an evaluation in dash plolty

Hi there,
i’m new in Dash and i want to know if is here a possibility to create a questionnaire for an Evaluation in dash plotly.
Here an example how i could look like.

Is there a way to go?
Thanks in advance

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It is possible to do something like this. The question I would ask is if this is the best tool for long form like the one you want to create.

You probably want users to fill it and submit it once, so you’ll have a quite complicated layout with a callback with many inputs just to submit the values once (and no actual outputs out of it).

That said, please take a look on RadioItems, RadioButton and TextArea from dash-bootstrap-components. You might have to use Table components as well to create this type of “tabular” Radio Items, or use CSS to align the header somehow.

Hope someone can jump in and show some examples of it… It is not the easiest UI to create starting in Dash, nor I would recommend to use it for this purpose (as much as I love it).

first thank you for your answer :slight_smile: @jlfsjunior
i can imagine it isn’t the easiest way to do something like that. but i’m doing a dash-tool for data analyse and i have to add (at the end of the tool) a feedback to allow the user to say if the tool hepful is and if they have wish for madifications. It for a studyproject
i hope too that someone can show some example by the time, cause now i’m writting the logic for the analysis

Gotcha! You can still use an online form and just add a link in to it in the end… That’s what I did when I was in a similar situation, it was too much to develop and maintain for such task.

If you pursue in this direction, please also take a look on the All-in-One components:

They might make it easier to reuse specific patterns for questions and isolate them well.

yo thanks :wink: i’ll flex on it again when the time comes

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Hello @HermanJson, how did it go with the form? I need to do something similar. In my case, I would like to change the possible questions depending on the respondent. The structure of the question would be the same for all respondents. Or would you suggest another tool for doing so? (@jlfsjunior). In summary, I am building a survey to obtain from a set of respondents the “ground truth” for a predictive model.

Sorry but I didn’t have to use it anymore because, I got weekly meetings to present the progres of the tool where I directly recieved Feedbacks. So at the End there was no need of that anymore. But if you don’t a spercific tool, the you could try it with Angular. Or maybe there is better tools for that.