Dash DAQ x dcc - What's the difference?

This is more a conceptual questions.

I would like to understand what’s the difference between Dash DAQ and dcc?

On the user guide I read that “Dash DAQ comprises a robust set of controls that make it simpler to integrate data acquisition and controls into your Dash applications.”

And for dcc: " The Dash Core Components module (dash.dcc ) gives you access to many interactive components, including dropdowns, checklists, and sliders."

Although they come from diferentt package names (‘import dash_daq’ versus ‘from dash import dcc’) they seems to have the same nature, i.e. controls/components to enhance interactivity.

I mean, why DAQ controls are not inside the dcc package or vice-versa? Why there are two libraries for what seems to have same purpose?

BTW I’m quite a new Plotly Dash learner and I’m amazed about the quality of the information available and the community created. This is awesome!

Hi @Danilo_BR and welcome to the Dash community :slight_smile:

This is a great question!

The dash-core-components library is bundled with Dash and contains the most popular components - such as buttons, dropdowns, sliders, tabs etc.

The dash-daq is a separate library with additional components. There is some over-lap, but most of the components are unique. If you want to add something like a knob or a thermometer to your app, this would be a good library to add.

This library is maintained by Plotly, but it’s an example of one of the dozens of other component libraries that you can use in your app. Here are two of the most popular libraries maintained by the community:


You can find a whole list here:


Personally, I think the dash-daq components don’t look great in the Dash documentation - the custom CSS used in the docs (which is also a Dash app!) interferes with the CSS in the daq components, and this hasn’t been fixed in the dash docs yet. Be sure to run the examples locally to see what they will look like in your app. Here are a few examples where dash-daq components are used in some sample Dash apps:


Thanks, @AnnMarieW !! =)