Dash_daq has no "Indicator" member

i have seen all videos in plotly and read all documentation, but im a bit stressed because it doesnt work on my pc :frowning:

I have tryed everything i know. I cant find the fix, and i decided to contact the community, if somebody could help me.

I installed everything, followed all manuals and this still happends, maybe i am a bit noob in this but i dont understand how to make it work.

Pls give me a hand.

I use 3 daq.Slider components and I receive similar errors, however my components still render. It turns out the โ€œerrorโ€, in my case, was my IDE (Eclipse) - or a plugin - didnโ€™t have the DAQ components in its PATH. Does your component not render?

when i use 1 component it works, but when i add 2 it fails and wont load, besides, i dont know how to add the components, i didnt get the guides, do you know how? ty