Dash and Screen Readers?

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anybody has had experience visiting Dash apps through a screen reader, and if so what was the experience like.

At my work all of our sites need to be 508 compliant, including websites I’d build with this. Any extra insight I can find with this would be enormously helpful!

Hi there! Did you get an answer on this? I’m interested in seeing if the Plotly graphs are accessible in any way as well. I’m pretty new to this so I could use any help/advice anyone could share! Thanks!

I never heard anything back from this, unfortunately. I’ve been playing around with some things on my own. For example, you can wrap a div with a title attribute around a graph to give a description on what the data looks like. In my case, I had a bunch of pie charts highlighting one part of the whole, and so I could auto generate a title saying something like “XYZ takes up 34% of the total mass” and add around the pie like

html.Div(title="XYZ takes up 34% of the total mass", children=[
        # graph object definition

That worked the way I expected (hover over the pie to see the title text).

I don’t know if Dash has other issues in this regard, but for other web accessibility, the golden rule is to provide the same information to everybody. So usually if you can describe what the visualization is doing in either a caption or title that covers it.